“I believe in the concept of paying it forward. Without the support and kindness of others, I would not have survived the car accident, relearned to walk, or won Paralympic Gold. It’s a privilege to give back.” - Megan Fisher


Megan’s Philanthropy Projects


Range of Motion Project


In late 2019, Megan will be joining a team to climb Cotopaxi in Ecuador. The climb is made possible through the Range of Motion Project (ROMP) - a non-profit organization that helps those living in poverty or without medical access to get quality prosthetic care. They invited her to join their climbing team to help raise awareness for prosthetic needs.  

Prosthetic Research

Megan is involved the several research projects to test and improve prosthetic technology.

  • Metabolic Demand and Performance Measurement for Prosthesis Development – University of Colorado

  • Prosthetic Ankle Usability Study – Seattle Veterans Administration (VA)

  • Prosthetic Development Studies – University of Washington – Sander’s Research Lab Prosthetic Science and Technology

Fundraising Rides

Camp Make a Dream and Rebecca’s Private Idaho are just a few rides where you can find Megan teaming with other disabled and able-bodied athletes to raise funds for each cause.  

Wild Rockies Field Institute


Megan is a Board Member with the Wild Rockies Field Institute (WRFI), which provides experiential learning opportunities where students can earn college credits while studying in their environment of interest. Megan works to build student engagement, recruitment, and improve the experience for each student. She is also a member of two committees within WRFI. For the Safety Committee, Megan supports instructors out in the field when they have questions about musculo-skeletal concerns, and with the Outreach Committee she helps students learn about WRFI and how WRFI’s programs and courses can support their educational and personal goals.


Want to get involved? Consider donating to Megan’s GoFundMe account of which all funds are used to support the above charity events. Thank you!